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Can Preschool Prepare Your Child for Academic Success?

Preschool can help prepare your child for academic success by providing them with a strong foundation for learning. According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (OASH), high-quality pre-k programs are important for improving the mental and physical development of children. Multiple studies found that early childhood development programs played a key role in reducing risky behaviors and chronic diseases in adulthood.  We believe in providing students with the very best academic, social and spiritual training in an atmosphere that nurtures their hearts to foster future healthy habits!

Our San Antonio, Texas preschool program has been gaining more interest as preschool programs are being encouraged by more local politicians and community leaders. Give us a call today to find out more about enrollment for our San Antonio or Hillsboro, Oregon preschool campuses. Both campuses firmly believe in teaching your child with a whole-child approach to promote the growth of the mind, body and spirit.

Pre-K Helps Develop Early Literacy Skills

At enCourage Preschool, we strive to create a fun environment for children to begin their learning journey. We have a comprehensive educational approach including science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) that prepare all learners for kindergarten. Spiritual development is also integrated into our studies through loving teachers and daily bible studies. 

Pre-K Encourages Social and Emotional Development

Our preschool campuses provide children with opportunities to interact with their peers and develop important social and emotional skills. These skills, such as communication, cooperation, and problem-solving, alongside age-appropriate activities for spiritual growth teach children how to reflect the love of Jesus in their world. As children start kindergarten, they will already have the needed skills to succeed in the classroom.

Pre-K Fosters the Love of Learning

Preschool can help foster a love of learning by providing children with a positive and engaging learning environment. Introducing children to learning positively, can reinforce learning as a positive experience in their lives as they begin school. We incorporate singing, dancing, indoor and outdoor play to keep kids active and engaged throughout the day. Give your child the opportunity to fall in love with learning. 

Prepare Your Child for Success

By providing your child with positive early childhood development you are giving your child the opportunity to learn valuable literacy and social skills. Above all, you are investing in your child’s life!

Please give us a call today to prepare your child for success in the classroom and life. Our San Antonio, Texas and Hillsboro, Oregon campuses are excited for new children to bless this year. 

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