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5 Tips to Help San Antonio Preschool Parents Support Learning at Home

5 Tips to Help San Antonio Preschool Parents Support Learning at Home

At enCourage Preschools Grace Point campus, we want to see children thrive in our classrooms, at home, and in everyday life! Our San Antonio, Texas preschool is dedicated to nurturing families by providing parents with resources to help them become active participants in their children’s education and development.

We embrace a holistic approach to learning that promotes academic instruction, spiritual growth and social skills. San Antonio preschool parents and caregivers can reinforce our comprehensive curriculum at home with a few simple tips!

1. Create Structure

While preschoolers are capable of independent play for short periods of time, they need parental guidance to help them get started on various tasks and transition from activity to activity throughout the day. With a little bit of direction and encouragement, parents can create an environment where kids are excited to learn and explore.

Creating a consistent routine for your child is essential to his or her development. Children crave predictability, and repetitive tasks will help them understand sequences (what comes first, next, last) while building their vocabulary and boosting their confidence.

2. Talk to Your Child

Create a language-rich environment for your child, where there are many opportunities to engage in back-and-forth conversations. This involves getting down on your child’s level and offering your undivided attention. Invite him or her to talk about what they are doing. Ask questions, and provide ample time to respond. Encourage higher-level thinking by asking questions that require more than just one-word answers.

If your child is not talking yet, you can use modeling to demonstrate the words you are saying physically. For example, you might say, “Throw the ball” while tossing a ball to him. Give your child time to communicate nonverbally, whether through gestures, facial expressions or babbles.

5 Tips for San Antonio Preschool Parents: Read to Your Child

3. Read to Your Child

Reading to your preschooler has many benefits. Aside from language development, reading stimulates the imagination and inspires creativity. It also improves concentration, increases general knowledge and is a great tool for helping your child relax and unwind.

When reading to your child, help her engage with the story. Ask questions, point out keywords or concepts and invite her to make predictions. Encourage her to take an active role in the process, even if she is not yet reading.

4. Play With Your Child

Play and learning go hand in hand! Taking an interest in your preschooler during playtime will help him connect important lessons to his actions. When he gets frustrated with a toy, you can offer assistance and foster perseverance. Your questions and comments will make playtime productive, and more importantly, you will enjoy precious bonding time with your little one!

5. Stay Connected With Your Child’s Preschool

At enCourage Preschools Grace Point campus, we strive to keep open lines of communication with our families. Parents can receive updates and insights in our Facebook group as well as our monthly e-newsletter. Educational resources and helpful parenting tips are also available on our blog.

If you are interested in learning more about our San Antonio preschool, please contact our director today!

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