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Our 2024 Summer Camps: Preventing Summer Learning Loss

This summer, our Hillsboro, Oregon and Grace Point, San Antonio, Texas preschool centers will be hosting weekly summer camps. Our Hillsboro Preschool Center camps will take place from June 17 to August 29 and our Grace Point Preschool Center camps will be from June 10 to August 26.

In addition to providing quality, Christian childcare for families throughout the summer, one of the main goals of these camps is to prevent summer learning loss for your little learner. Educational research has shown that, historically, children lose about one month’s worth of school education over the summer break. Loss of math skills seems to be most prevalent, but language and other skills are also at risk when they are not regularly practiced. When these skills are not frequently engaged, the knowledge begins to fade.

Reading lots of books, practicing math skills through number and reasoning games and exercising problem-solving through interactive building activities are a few ways to combat learning loss. One major benefit of educational-based summer camps is that children have opportunities to continue building on the skills and knowledge they acquired during the school year, routinely and in a structured environment.

Our enCourage Preschools summer camps emphasize STEAM activities in a hands-on and engaging play-based environment that keeps your child’s mind working and sharp over the summer. At camp, your child will participate in arts and crafts, science activities, water days, weekly themes and more! We also offer a 10% family discount.

Enroll now and help your child fight summer learning loss. Contact us to get started!

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