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How Starting a Preschool at Your Church Can Transform Your Community

At enCourage Preschools, we partner with churches to operate Christian preschools and have experienced firsthand how our church preschools act as catalysts for Gospel-centered community transformation. Proving quality early childhood education positions the local church to reach the their communities in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Following are just some of the benefits our church partners are reaping.

Connecting to Local Families

For parents who send their children to church-based preschools, preschool may be the only regular interaction they have with a church. Regardless of their experience with church in the past or present, this is an incredible opportunity for them to experience the love of Christ. Acting as a safe and welcoming environment by genuinely caring for their children may be the best or even the only experience people have with Christianity opening the door to ministering to families in your community.

Planting Seeds of Faith in Future Citizens

Christian preschools focus on nurturing not just the mind, but also the soul. While the ultimate goal is to point children towards a relationship with Jesus Christ rather than religiosity, Pew Research has shown that 58% of religious adults are also actively involved in giving back to the community in areas such as charity groups or donating blood. Planting seeds of faith, emphasizing values and establishing a moral compass in children at a young age through church preschools begins the process of molding compassionate and God-honoring future citizens.

Contributing to the Local Economy

When you operate a preschool throughout the week, you are able to provide more than just a few pastoral jobs. You can employ individuals both in and outside of your church as teachers, aides and more. In addition, offering an affordable yet high-quality early education or childcare option allows parents the ability to confidently engage in the workforce, contribute to the local economy and better provide for their families.

Funding Church Ministries

Not only does a church preschool bring ample opportunity for ministry to families and children, but revenue from the school can be used to fund other ministries and outreach programs in your church, further expanding your sphere of influence and ability to transform your community.

Our enCourage Preschools success team is committed to supporting your church’s unique vision. We want to equip you to reach local families and create new streams of revenue to further your mission and build the Kingdom of God together.

Learn more about how enCourage Preschools can help you launch a thriving preschool at your church! 

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